Enjoy a Regency Period Experience in Jane Austen’s Spa City

Somerset’s premiere city is undoubtedly one of the most popular cities in England; this is largely due to the city’s magnificent architecture, the wonderful legacy of history through the ages and the fact the city offers visitors a wonderful cultural array of festivals and celebrations throughout the year.

One such event is the annual Jane Austen Festival which takes place during September; the festival celebrates the life and works of one of England’s most famous female novelists, Jane Austen, and the period when she was a resident in the spa city of Bath.

It takes place during mid-September and this year sees a nine-day extravaganza which is dedicated to the world of Jane Austen, characters from her famous books and the fashion of that era in which Ms Austen lived.

This year, the festival offers visitors and participants over 60 events with something for everyone, especially those who are avid Jane Austen fans who enjoying immersing themselves into the world of Ms. Austen and the Regency Period of England.

The festival offers visitors the chance to enjoy theatre, evening concerts, dancing, guided walks by local Jane Austen experts, workshops, talks and discussions. For festival participants who want to fully get into the part and want to dress up in period costume of the times, you will be able to enjoy the famous annual ‘Regency Costumed Masked Ball’ in Bath’s prestigious Pump Room, plus the daytime Grand Regency Costumed Promenade which takes a special route through the historic streets of Bath.

This year, the festival will be offering a special event, which will see the actor Adrian Lukis and Caroline Langrishe presenting a variety of ‘Austen duologues’ together. Adrian Lukis is famously remembered for playing the dastardly and dashing Mr. George Wickham in the BBC’s 1995 adaptation of Pride & Prejudice, so no doubt a real treat for true fans.

For information about the world of Jane Austen or the fantastic festival that celebrates this wonderful novelist, simply pay a visit to the Jane Austin Centre near Bath Abbey in the city centre. The Jane Austen Centre is open all year-round and is well worth a visit, plus it’s a great source of information.

When visiting Bath, why not take one of the informative guided tours of the city organised by the Mayor of Bath Honorary Guides? As these great guided walks offer visitors an informative and fun way to discover the spa city any time of the year and will help visitors to discover all of the city’s famous places, buildings, architecture and the people who have lived in the city.

Welcome to the Regency!

Many people I’ve spoken to are uncertain what the Regency actually was. As a writer of Regency romance I’d like to give you a whimsical peek. Just for fun, of course. Would you like to join me as I take a look?

Since I could never do justice to the period in a short article such as this, I’ll be content with giving you word-pictures; Images that you must allow to pop into your mind as you read them. Think you can figuratively close your eyes? Good. Here we go!

  • Jane Austen,
    Lord Byron
  • King George III
    The Prince Regent
  • Napoleon Bonaparte
    The Duke of Wellington
  • Princess Caroline
    Princess Charlotte
  • The War of 1812
    The Battle of Waterloo
  • Everyone and every thing I just named all have a common thread; a common denominator, if you will. They all lived–or occurred (the events)–during a time in history known as the Regency.

    So what was this thing called a regency? In 1811, the Prince of Wales, (the future George IV) was appointed regent, which means acting monarch–in place of his father, the beleaguered, suffering old king, George III–who was very ill and no longer mentally competent to rule. That, in short, is what necessitated the Regency. And until the good king died, in 1820, his son was Regent. (His friends still called him “Prinny” but don’t tell him I told you so.)

    Welcome then, to Regency, England. It is anywhere from 1811 to 1820, and if you’ll give me just a few minutes, I think you’ll discover that you like the place.

    Why? For the simple reason that there is no other time in history that was quite like it.

    (If you were unfortunate enough to have been born into the lower classes you might not have enjoyed it so well; But for the upper classes of the day, it was a time of extravagant, if not frenetic, living.)

    For much of the year, but especially during what was called the season, one’s life was filled with pursuits and pleasures such as:

  • Balls and Card-parties
  • Making house calls in carriages, and having them returned
  • Leaving your card and collecting the cards of others
  • Cabriolets and Landaus, Coaches and Curricles
  • Butlers and Housekeepers, Parlour maids and Postillions
  • Fashion and Fops; Dandies and Originals
  • Artists and Aristocrats
  • Royalty and Romances
  • Suppers and Soirees, Illuminations and Exhibitions
  • Concerts and Cotillions
  • Muslins and Milliners
  • Tailors and Turbans
  • Clubs and Coffee-houses
  • Uniforms and Regiments
  • Carlton House and White’s
  • Getting a picture? Want some more?

  • Duels and Seconds
  • Hessians and Half-boots
  • Curtseys and Bows
  • Dowagers and Dukes
  • Bonnets and Ballrooms
  • White gloves and Glass Slippers (no, no, no, just kidding!)
  • Colonels and Coronets
  • Hatpins and Ribbons
  • This really is fun! I’d like to continue, but I hope you’ve had a taste, (if ever so elusive) of the flavour of the Regency. To get a more in-depth feel for what it was, I commend you to books. For research, there are many. For fun and curiosity’s sake, there are–what else?–romances.(You knew I’d get to that sooner or later, didn’t you? And this, I believe, is my cue to curtsey my way out!)

    The Regency? You’ve got to love it!

    The Carnation Regency Project – Orris Developers

    To be spread over 26 acres, The Carnation Regency is an Orris project that is being promoted as a modern group housing project. It is a sublime confluence of classic Indian living and the most contemporary amenities coupled with the trustworthy name of Orris behind it. The focus of the project is to ensure a living standard that is warm, cozy, and very comfortable. Orris is leaving no stone unturned to make the Carnation Regency one of the most sought after addresses in Gurgaon.

    The Location of Carnation Regency

    Located, in Gurgaon, one of the fastest growing cities in India, the project will get immense benefits from the superb infrastructure and the futuristic and highly efficient business environment that the City offers its residents. Moreover, a rapid transport system is coming up in the Manesar – Dwarka corridors which will further enhance the connectivity for not only residents of the Carnation Regency but the residents of Gurgaon as a whole. Add to that the proposed Super – Expressway from Dwarka and there is no dearth of easy connectivity.

    The Defining Features of Carnation Regency

    As aforementioned, the aim of the Carnation Regency project by Orris is to take the concept of contemporary living to a whole new level altogether. The homes are Vastu complaint and you can pick from 2/3/4 BHK apartments. All apartments are offered a 100% power back up. Another great feature of this project is that one can enjoy the 75% of the area that has been earmarked as an open and green area.

    Safety is one of the biggest concerns of residents living in Gurgaon. In accordance with that fact the project has 24x7x365 security and fire detection and warning systems. Moreover, the apartments are earthquake resistant and there is also the facility of a rain water harvesting.

    Moreover, in order to offer a new dimension to the living of the residents, the Carnation Regency project will also offer them various facilities like a fitness center, swimming pool, lawn tennis, billiards rooms, and TT tables. A whole gamut of recreational activities will be made available to them, which will make living even more pleasurable.

    The Specifications of the Apartments

    The living and dining room will have walls with oil bound distemper. The flooring will be done by using vitrified tiles. The living and dining rooms will have doors that are made from hardwood with frames. If we go to the bedrooms then these again would see walls painted with oil bound distemper. However, the flooring will see a marked difference in the sense that it will now have laminated wooden flooring in the master bedrooms. Moreover, the doors will be in the European style albeit made from hardwood. These and many other intrinsic specifications will be a part of the apartments in Carnation Regency. This makes the project a great option for all those who are looking for the perfect homes for their family. Moreover, being situated in Gurgaon and in the midst of some sterling infrastructural amenities, the residents of Carnation Regency won’t be far from the best of facilities and amenities that will make life meaningful, and satisfying