Hotels in Manila – An Oasis of Comfort at Crown Regency Hotel in Makati Manila

The first thing that makes you notice Crown Regency Hotel Makati Manila is its 19th century architecture that really stands out from the modern buildings that surround it. But the elegance of the facade is definitely not just for show because even the rooms, service, and accommodation Crown Regency Hotel give to their guests is top-of-the-line; as expected from one of the best hoteliers in the Philippines.

Crown Regency Hotel has 61 air-conditioned and well-appointed guest rooms; the elegant style with which these rooms are designed compliment that of the building’s architecture. Each room is furnished with an en suite bathroom, classy kitchen, and a stylish living room that gives “elegance” a whole new meaning. With the satellite television, direct dial phone, mini bar, and high speed net connection provided for each room, Crown Regency Hotel makes sure that you enjoy your stay. In addition, with the services like dry cleaning and laundry, car rental, and foreign exchange provided, you will have “comfort,” “style,” and “convenience” all in one plate–or in this case, all in one hotel.

Providing for their guests that are staying in Manila for business reasons, Crown Regency Hotel house many discussion room that can accommodate 150 persons. This is a very good venue to hold any company meetings or a small convention. These discussion rooms can also be partitioned into smaller rooms for smaller events. And with Crown Regency Hotel staff’s help, you can be sure that your meeting, convention, or discussion will go smoothly and without any fuss.

The hotel has the secret of many successful businesses: Location, Location, Location. It is merely a 30-minute drive away from Ninoy Aquino International Airport and a walk away from the Metro Rail Transit (MRT) Ayala Station. High class shopping malls are also a walk away from the hotel. Crown Regency Hotel stood behind Park Square 1 where the most high-tech equipments and accessories are sold for bargain prices. Just across the street from Park Square 1 is SM Makati where you can shop, shop, shop as if there’s no tomorrow. Connected to SM Makati are Glorietta Mall and Greenbelt Mall where fine dining restaurants and hip bars define “fun” here in Makati, Philippines.

The Lobby Lounge is another one of the many things the hotel is proud of. Providing the relaxed ambiance of a hotel lounge mixed with a wide choices of mouth-watering international cuisines, the Lobby Lounge gives you a great venue for dinner dates with friends or families. It is also perfect for dinner meetings with your colleagues or even for just dining and relaxing by yourself.

The Tops Chill Bar, located at the Crown Regency Hotel’s roof deck, is definitely in line with the hippest bars in Makati where you can hang out and enjoy a few drinks with friends or to know more potential friends. Since it’s open from 6pm to 2am, literally partying till the sun rises is no problem at all–unless of course you can’t last that long. And what’s more great about it is that you only need to take the elevator to get home!

Giving Manila visitors comfort in style, this is definitely the best place to stay in. Right at the heart of the big business city of Makati where the fuss of office and mall rush are an everyday thing, Crown Regency Hotel Makati is surely an oasis of comfort. But don’t just take my word for it, book your reservations and you’ll experience the warm accommodation Crown Regency Hotel provides.

Why Sports Fans May Choose a Madeira Regency Palace Timeshare

Situated on the outskirts of Funchal, around a 10 minute drive from its bustling centre, the Madeira Regency Palace Timeshare Resort is well placed to offer holidaymakers access to some of the most entertaining activities on the island. The capital city is well regarded as being the hub of most of the island’s sporting activities, with the exception of some of the finest surfing spots in Europe – Paul do Mar and Jardim do Mar – which are situated towards the west of the island, a short drive from some of the finest timeshares in Madeira along the south coast.

Surfing is a popular pastime on the island, with the World Championships having been held off the shorelines of Madeira in 2001. The international surfing community regard the island highly, and with it being a relatively recent discovery for surf lovers, there are plenty of point breaks and reef breaks to go around. The prime surfing season is considered to be different to the mainstream summer tourism months, making it easier to pick up off peak timeshares in Madeira if riding the waves particularly takes your fancy. With the mild climate all year round, the Madeira Regency palace Timeshare Resort and other complexes are still a real attraction for holidaymakers in the autumn and spring.

For a more relaxed sporting experience, there are some top class sports clubs to be found in Funchal, all of which are easily reached from the Madeira Regency Palace timeshare resort. Top flight European football is hosted by two clubs on the island, each of which – despite their relatively modest size – are no strangers to the limelight. Nacional and Maritimo are the two Funchal-based clubs who compete for the fandom of the city’s inhabitants. Each currently play in the Portuguese Premier Division against such giants as Benfica, Porto and Sporting Lisbon and both clubs have enjoyed recent runs in the Europa League, taking on sides such as Sevilla, Werder Bremen, Juventus and Leeds United. In the past, Real Madrid stars Cristiano Ronaldo and Pepe have come through the youth systems of Nacional and Maritimo respectively, and the two clubs enjoy a healthy rivalry as they battle for supremacy in the Portuguese league. Most timeshares in Madeira are immersed in the local culture and football is very much a fanatical culture on the island and one that can be fully enjoyed on a match day.

As an especially beautiful island filled with natural sights to take in and plenty of flora and fauna, Madeira is a preferred destination for those who enjoy hiking and cycling. There are some great walking routes across the country, with its relatively small size making it possible for those who own timeshares in Madeira so see the vast majority of the island on foot or by bike. The helpful staff at Madeira Regency Palace timeshare resort can help arrange active excursions for any visitor, making it even easier to enjoy active pursuits during your stay.

Enjoying The Beaches And Nightlife When You Plan Your Cheap Holidays To Sharm El Sheikh

If you are planning your cheap holidays to Sharm El Sheikh for the nightlife and sunning during the day, you will find that this area is idea for just that. Some of the best places to enjoy the nightlife are the Hard Rock Cafe, which is open until six in the morning. People in this area seem to stay up all night and sleep at day. Some even sleep on the beaches under the warm sun. The Little Budha is in the lower part of the Naama Bay Hotel. People enjoy this place because there are many different things to do while enjoying the night out.

If you would like to visit a British pub, the Camel Bar is the place to go. The bar does have a high level of energy and everyone has fun. You will want to stay near Naama Bay for the hot spots because Sharm is more traditional Egypt. At night, Sharm has more food vendors on the streets while Naama Bay has more partygoers walking from club to club. The hotels in Sharm El Sheikh have live entertainment and the casinos. Planet Hollywood is a place for some entertainment as well as the Hyatt Regency.

The El Fanar is a place to enjoy the beach, visit the disco, and bar later on. It is set away from all the commotion of the city. The most popular beach is Terrazzina Beach. The visitors enjoy a day on the beach with music. The big red mattresses are what have helped this beach gain popularity. There is an Old Market in the area as well. There are other things to do if you need a break from the beaches and the nightlife. Your cheap holidays to Sharm El Sheikh might include horseback riding on the beach, carting, tennis pr even ice-skating.

Bungee jumping is another popular thing for visitors to do. The thrill is something you could never imagine. The excitement of jumping off a high platform to the ground below is an adrenaline rush. Golfing seems to be another popular attraction in the area. If you are not into any of these, you can sit at the hotel because most of them have beach access, bars and they supply you with chairs and even some shade. Relaxing and being comfortable is what Sharm offers all its visitors.

Cheap holidays to Sharm El Sheikh offer so many things to do. The beaches are inviting, while the nightlife is extraordinary. Whether you go to Naama Bay or stay close to the hotels in Sharm, you will find something that is entertaining and fun. You do want to explore some of the smaller bars as well, since this is where the locals like to hang out and share stories with visitors. Some of the stories they tell are amazing. You will find the restaurants are everywhere and the cuisine is tasty. You can find Italian, French and other fine cuisine in Sharm to enjoy for lunch, dinner and even breakfast.